Useful Senior Resources

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As we have traveled this journey, we have found senior resources, readings, and devotions to help us get our minds in the right place to better serve those we love. Read More

Canine Companions — Puppies for Everyone

canine companions

Navigating Life’s Transitions with Canine Companions Puppies for everyone! I don’t know about you, but Christmas shopping for my family would be over in a flash if I could just buy everyone a puppy. In November I had several reminders of the impact of dogs on our lives, the connection they make with people, and how a visitor with a … Read More

Help With Seniors

help with seniors

How to Get All Eyes on Grandma Just when you think you are in a groove or rhythm, life throws you a curveball. Suddenly life wobbles or even spins out of control. This is especially true with eldercare.  Even geriatric experts get surprised. My surprise came on a recent trip to my hometown for a family wedding. While with grandma, … Read More

Elderly Transition & Coronavirus

Caring Denver Senior Placement Services | Senior Placement Agency of Denver

Elderly Transition & the Coronavirus   With all the news regarding the global spread of the coronavirus and certain precautions being recommended, many of you may have the exact question my friend did last evening, “What am I supposed to do? No longer am I allowed in the community where my ninety-year-old mother is living.” First, don’t miss the reminders to us all – that life is fragile, … Read More