Useful Senior Resources

Caring Denver Senior Placement Services | Senior Placement Agency of Denver

As we have traveled this journey, we have found senior resources, readings, and devotions to help us get our minds in the right place to better serve those we love. Below is the list of growing resources that have served us well and that we are passing on to you for your encouragement.

  1. Leadership and Coaching Blog by Rick Adler
  2. The Three G’s of Coping with Crisis by Rick Adler
  3. Seth Godin – marketing guru and common sense blogs from “Quieting the Lizard Brain” to “Anxiety loves company” His top 100 blogs
  4. All things gratitude, really, from journals to books and resources from Sarah Ban Breathnach
  5. My Utmost for His Highest– A timeless place for daily spiritual devotion.
  6. Places where you can intersect with beauty, art, and life:
    1. “One Thousand Gifts,” blog and other extraordinary resources by Ann Voskamp.
    2. Christine Olmstead’s Instagram & Website– art work, beauty, and everyday life.
    3. Eugene Scott’s Instagram – faith, art, and perspective